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back pain bowel health courses maternal menopause menstrual oncology rehab pelvic pain Feb 09, 2023


I'm so pleased to welcome you to my new website - the home of all things CelebrateMuliebrity! This is where you'll be able to find links to my courses, to my new membership (coming soon - more on that later!) and links to my social media, youtube channel and coming soon (!) the new podcast.

It's where I'll be sharing updates on upcoming courses and events as well as ways to access free  resources to support your journey in helping women live well.

Whether you're interested in Female Pelvic Pain Rehab, or exploring the hormonal adventures of menstruation, maternal and menopause in The Female Hormonal Health Masterclass...or perhaps oncology rehab is your zone of expertise? Then the Female Pelvic Oncology Rehab or the the Breast Cancer Rehab course might be of interest?

My own personal obsession is (no surprises here if we've met!) is the role of bowel health so my course on Bowel Health & Women's Health is a personal favourite, but if you're looking to expand your understanding of the most common cause of musculoskeletal disability (IN THE WORLD!) and how it affects women (yes! It IS different!) the course Women & Back Pain, which is a super practical course that comes with a module on telehealth, on marketing, six weeks of exercise programming AND a free mini course 'Better Breathing Strategies' - well, this course has it all!

So...stay tuned for further updates and I'll be here if you have any burning questions about women's health! Let me know and I'll do my best to get the answer for you.

Until next time!



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