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Michelle Lyons graduated from UCD’s Physiotherapy programme; her additional qualifications include a PgCert from TCD in Innovation, Creative Thinking & Enterprise and a PgCert in Health Coaching & Nutrition from NUIG, along with a certificate from the University of Arizona in Phytotherapy/Herbal Medicine, teacher trainings in Yoga, Pilates and Mindfulness as a therapeutic intervention.


She has been on the teaching faculty of the POGP, Herman & Wallace, The Pelvic Rehab Institute, Medbridge Education and The Integrative Women’s Health Institute and has presented at multiple conferences on a variety of topics pertaining to women’s health, including International Continence Society, International Pelvic Pain Society, the British Pelvic Floor Society, CSM for the American Physical Therapy Association, the Academy of Pelvic Health’s annual symposium, Pelvic Health Solutions Conference (Canada), Kuwait Women’s Health Symposium, the International Herbal Symposium (USA), the New England Women’s Herbal Conference, Pelvicon (USA), three teaching tours of Australia, New Zealand and Singapore and the annual conference of the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists. She is passionate about women’s health education and enjoys teaching and learning nationally, internationally and online. Welcome to my new website CelebrateMuliebrity.com, where ‘Muliebrity’ (the art & state of being a woman) is always supported and celebrated.

What is the Muliebrity Manifesto?

That women deserve better healthcare. That feeling comfort, safety and joy in our bodies is not only attainable, but our birthright.

That having fears, concerns or problems dismissed by healthcare providers as 'part of being a woman/ having babies/getting older' is unacceptable. That a knowledgeable woman is an empowered woman.

That the healthcare providers who serve women need better education; information that is up to date, evidence based, compassionate and tailored to the individual woman and all the women we serve.

I Think You Can't Move Forward With Health Unless You...

Get the foundational aspects of self care in place- good nutrition, functional movement and restorative habits- but I'm also committed to Evidence Based Medicine, which is why you won't see me recommending any particular approach without the research to back it up.

I Don't Know Who Said It, But...



I think a good clinician is a combination of physiology, physics and psychology- my job is to show the evidence and empower through education.

My aim is to help women's health professionals help women to live well


My goal is to fill your treatment toolbox with up to date evidence based strategies - that work! I want you to feel competent and confident so no matter what issue your female clients come to you with - pain, bladder or bowel issues, menstrual, maternal or menopausal problems - you have the resources here to help



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